Newly appointed DCs, LGA Directors urged to take a disciplined approach to leadership

UONGOZI Institute and the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government’s five-day Leadership Programme for the newly appointed District Commissioners (DCs) and Local Government Authority (LGA) Directors concluded on Friday 12 October, 2018.

The closing ceremony was officiated by the Minister of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Hon. Selemani Said Jafo (MP).

The programme covered nine leadership modules, including Leadership vs Management, Personal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Harmonious Political Administrative Interface, Structure of the Government, Peace and Security, Protocol and Etiquettes, Risk Management and Internal Control, Control of Illegal Substances/Drugs, and Effective Management of Public Resources.

In his address, Minister Jafo stated that the programme serves as a leadership induction for the newly DCs and LGA Directors.

“We thought that since you have recently been appointed, it would be ideal to take you through the ABCs of leadership. The aim here is to create a common understanding of how things are executed.”

Minister Jafo further advised these leaders to ensure they put the knowledge gained through the programme into practice.

On observing the importance of disciplined leadership in achieving results, Minister Jafo said, “I urge you to avoid insubordination. Leaders who take a disciplined approach to leading are always able to inspire action, drive change, and achieve results.”

Furthermore, Minister Jafo said that in the current Nation’s Budget, about 21% has been allocated to regional administration and local government and therefore, without disciplined leaders effective management of resources will not be realised. He advised the DCs and LGA Directors to “be creative, identify available resources and ensure effective management of those resources.”

Speaking on behalf of the CEO, Mr. Kadari Singo, Head of Executive Education at UONGOZI Institute said that the programme was designed to equip DCs and LGA Directors with tools and perspectives to make well-considered strategic decisions and lead transformation.

“During the programme, participants were exposed to leadership theories and best practices to help them master complex challenges in their work areas, capitalise on emerging opportunities and ensure effective management of resources.”

Mr. Singo futher noted that the programme was the fifth leadership workshop of its kind organised for DCs and LGA Directors. He said that in the past, similar workshops were organised between 2017 and early 2018, where the majority of the aforementioned leaders from across the country participated.

Hon. Selemani Said Jafo (MP) during his address.
Eng. Mussa Iyombe, Permanent Secretary, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government speaking during the Closing Ceremony.
Singo_DCs & LGA Directors
Mr. Kadari Singo, Head of Executive Education Department at UONGOZI Institute delivers welcoming remarks on behalf of the CEO.
Day 4_2
District Commissioners and Directors of Local Government Authorities following a presentation on Control of Illegal Substances/Drugs.

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