Leaders, Key Stakeholders Discuss Approaches for Leadership Development in Tanzania

Uongozi-Workshop-133-1024x470Former leaders of the public sector and political parties, as well as current leaders from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia gathered at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre on Friday 02nd November, 2018 to deliberate on leadership development approaches under the theme “Promoting Leadership Development in Tanzania”.

Organised by UONGOZI Institute, the high level dialogue aimed at reviewing leadership development approaches in Tanzania; sharing insights, knowledge and experiences on the subject; and discussing current initiatives and their adequacy in developing the desired leadership cadre in the country.

The opening address was delivered by Prof. Penina Mlama, Member of the UONGOZI Institute’s Board of Directors on behalf of the Minister of State, President’s Office, Public Service and Good Governance, Hon. George Mkuchika (MP).

In his speech, Minister Mkuchika highlighted that good leadership is at the foundation for sustainable development in any society or nation in the world. He further underscored that in Tanzania, leadership development began before the country’s independence (1961), and to date, both informal and formal approaches have been applied, including the establishment of UONGOZI Institute in 2010 with the aim of building the capacity of leaders for the sustainable development of their citizens.

He added, “The fifth-phase Government continues to implement leadership development. Recently, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, H.E. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli announced the establishment of the Mwalimu Nyerere Leadership School, which will provide leadership courses to SADC leaders for strengthening unity and accelerating economic development in the region.”

“Moreover, the Government continues to strengthen leadership ethics, prevent misuse of public funds, and create a virtuous society that despises corruption.”

Minister Mkuchika further stated that his expectation was for the dialogue to raise important issues that will assist the Government in developing leaders who are capable of leading the Tanzania of today and the future.

On his part, the CEO of UONGOZI Institute, Prof. Joseph Semboja emphasised that the dialogue aims to find the best leadership development approaches for the country’s transformation and not to assess the previous or current leadership.

“The aim is to identify strengths and weaknesses of previous and current leadership development approaches and construct best approaches for the future.”

Prof. Semboja further stated that history has shown that countries with leaders who have a compelling vision and ability to lead their people towards its realisation have experienced rapid economic growth.

He further stated, “Fortunately, our country has applied different leadership development approaches and today, we are lucky to have leaders who were developed through these approaches, and some who participated in creating both previously used and current approaches.”

The dialogue was moderated by Prof. Issa Shivji, a renowned law and development scholar. Other panelists and participants included Hon. Anne Makinda, former Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania; IGP (Retired) Said Mwema; Amb. Ombeni Sefue, former Chief Secretary of the United Republic of Tanzania; Amb. Dr. Matern Lumbanga, former Chief Secretary of the United Republic of Tanzania; and Hon. Zakia Meghji, former Minister of Finance.

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