Proposed Mining Regulations to pave the way for Social and Economic Transformation in Tanzania

On 11th February, 2019, the Minister of Minerals, Hon. Doto Mashaka Biteko (MP) officiated a two-day Stakeholders’ Workshop to discuss the Proposed Mining (Mineral and Gem Houses) Regulations, 2019 in Mwanza.

Jointly organised by UONGOZI Institute and the Ministry of Minerals, the Workshop aimed at broadening the knowledge of relevant stakeholders, and developing a common understanding on issues related to the mining sector and how best to enhance its contribution to national economic transformation.

The Workshop gathered about 100 District Commissioners, Directors of Local Government Authorities, District Administrative Secretaries, and Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners from twelve regions of Tanzania, namely Dodoma, Arusha, Geita, Shinyanga, Mara, Manyara, Kagera, Tabora, Singida, Mbeya, Morogoro and Ruvuma.

In his address, Minister Biteko underscored the significance of the Workshop to his Ministry and country as a whole.

“The Ministry of Minerals’ main goal is to ensure that the extractive sector contributes to the social and economic growth in our country,” he stated.

He went on to note the timeliness of the workshop, given the misinformation and misconceptions revolving around the mining sector.

He urged participants to pay attention and contribute to the discussion to get a better-understanding on the proposed mining regulations, and subsequently share that knowledge with the public.

Minister Biteko further said that Tanzania has so far managed not to become a victim of the resource curse. He said in order to remain on the same track, leaders must ensure the following; transparency in the management of mineral revenues, citizens’ participation in decision making and implementation of development plans, mineral revenues invested in sustainable projects such as infrastructure and education, and public awareness on the natural resource management value chain.

On behalf of the CEO of UONGOZI Institute, Mr. Kadari Singo, Head of Executive Education stated that for about five years the Institute has been implementing programmes that aim to enhance natural resource management and local content participation in the country.

“As a part of these programmes, we have offered training and technical support on natural resource management to the Government Negotiation Team and key ministries, to ensure the sector reaps substantial benefits,” he stated.

He added, “This Workshop intends to raise awareness of the intended establishment of Mineral and Gem Houses and solicit views on how best to establish and operationalise them.”

Minister Biteko
The Minister of Minerals, Hon. Doto Mashaka Biteko (MP) delivering keynote address. 


A group photo with some Local Government Authority Leaders
A group photo after the Opening Ceremony with Directors of the Local Government Authorities.


Participants contributing to the discussion.

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