Another milestone for Tanzania’s strategic projects

20 September 2019 marked yet another milestone for Tanzania’s strategic projects as the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa (MP), launched the National Multi-Sector Local Content Guidelines and a Website for Strategic Projects.

This took place during a national forum on “Local Content Implementation in Strategic Projects: Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges”, jointly organised by the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) and UONGOZI Institute in Dodoma, Tanzania. Representatives from the public sector, private sector, academia and civil society were in attendance.

During the proceedings, progress on the implementation of existing strategic projects was shared, and participants made recommendations to ensure that Tanzanians participate effectively to benefit from the projects.

In her remarks, the NEEC’s Executive Secretary, Mrs. Beng’i Issa, extended her appreciation to the Prime Minister for accepting the invitation to come and officiate the forum, as well as to UONGOZI Institute and other partners for continuing to work together with the Council to enhance domestic participation in strategic projects within Tanzania.

Underscoring the objectives of the forum, Mrs. Issa said, “This forum seeks to facilitate communication between the Government, private sector and other stakeholders on local content implementation issues.”

She added that the aim is to create awareness on where the country is in terms of implementation, as well as to exchange experiences and information on employment and procurement opportunities.

On behalf of the CEO of UONGOZI Institute, Ms. Caroline Israel, Ag. Head of Research and Policy said as part of its work to support Tanzanian leaders to attain sustainable development, the Institute supports programmes and activities aimed at optimising domestic participation.

“UONGOZI Institute believes that local content is important, and increasing local participation requires enhancing the skills of the national workforce as well as the capacity and competitiveness of local firms,” said Ms. Israel.

She further stated, “We are proud that through our collaboration with NEEC and other partners, we continue to contribute to enhancing competencies in the area through forums as well as technical and capacity-building workshops.”

In his address, Prime Minister Majaliwa stated that Tanzania’s fifth-phase Government has set a target of ensuring that Tanzania becomes a middle-income country by 2025, through industrial development.

To realise this goal, he said that the Government continues to undertake several measures to allow people’s full participation in economic activities. He mentioned a few examples of these measures, including reforms in policies and acts for the mining sector, insurance, and public procurement.

He said, “The aim is to ensure that Tanzanians receive priority in employment, services, skills development, and technology through the strategic projects that are being implemented within the country.”

In closing, the Prime Minister stressed that the Government will continue to implement measures to create a better business environment within the country and strengthen Public-Private Partnerships to improve the citizens’ welfare and accelerate economic growth.

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