Leadership retreat for NACTE’s senior leaders concludes

Dar es Salaam – 30 October 2019: A three-day leadership retreat for senior leaders from the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) concluded today. 

Organised by UONGOZI Institute in collaboration with NACTE, the retreat aimed at enhancing the senior leaders’ competencies in making strategic choices, leading people and managing other resources, and excelling in personal leadership qualities. It allowed them to reflect on their performance as well as ways to enhance efficiency in their work.

It covered several leadership modules, including Government Structure and Communication, Government Security, Functions of Leadership, Leadership of Public Resources, Ethical Leadership, Personal Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence.

The programme was a continuation of a collaborative initiative between the UONGOZI Institute and NACTE. The first leadership programme was delivered to the Governing Council Members from 26 – 28 June 2019, in Morogoro.

Tanzania: 20 Years after Mwalimu Nyerere’s passing

14 October, 2019 marked 20 years since the passing of the first Tanzanian President, Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Nyerere, commonly known as Mwalimu, which means teacher, was a great nationalist of the first generation of African leaders who struggled for independence. He was also one of the world’s most charismatic and venerable leaders.

To commemorate his legacy, we collaborated with the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) to organise a two-day conference from 10 – 11 October, under the theme “Tanzania: 20 Years after Mwalimu”

Similar to previous years, the commemorative conference was organised under the auspices of the Mwalimu Nyerere Chair of pan-African Studies at the UDSM. 

The event was officiated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Hon. Palamagamba John Aidan Kabudi, on behalf of the President. In attendance were intellectuals, former and current senior government officials, diplomats, as well as representatives from the private sector, civil society and youth.

During the proceedings, participants explored and assessed the extent to which some of Mwalimu’s core beliefs and values are still relevant and whether they have continued to inform and influence public policy and discourse. Furthermore, they assessed the degree to which his core objectives of eradicating poverty, disease and ignorance whilst building a united, prosperous and peaceful country are being pursued.

The conference received support from CRDB, National Development Corporation, Tanzania Trade Development Authority, Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company Limited, and National Institute for Medical Research.

SADC-PPRM Retreat: Why time to reflect is important

Every team needs time to reflect; to understand their performance and propose effective approaches for improving it. This is where team retreats come in. Team retreats forge strong bonds that boost morale, improve communication and teamwork in the workplace.

For SADC’s Directorate of Policy, Planning and Resource Mobilisation (PPRM), the need for team retreat was certain given the new organisational structure and new composition of the Directorate staff.

A three-day retreat was then organised by the Directorate to propose sustainable team building and performance culture of the PPRM, reflect on its operations in the new fiscal year, and improve working dynamics and communication among team members, including staff from other directorates and units.

The retreat, held from 2 – 4 October 2019, in Palapye, Botswana, was facilitated by UONGOZI Institute.

Twenty-three staff members from the PPRM and other directorates and units were in attendance. They were taken through presentations and exercises, which aimed at fostering learning, as well as strengthening effective and efficient communication, team building and personal leadership.

In his remarks, the PPRM Director, Dr. Mubita Luwabelwa, said the retreat provided a platform for the team to reflect on what has worked well and what has not and deliberate on the way forward to improve performance of the Directorate as well as the Secretariat.

During the retreat, participants interacted, engaged in open discussions, and developed team ground rules and action plans to enhance team spirit and efficiency for improved service delivery.

This is the second retreat organised under SADC-UONGOZI Institute partnership. The first was organised a few days prior to the 39th SADC Summit, 5 – 8 August 2019, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Our role in these retreats enhances our philosophy of achieving sustainable development through competent leadership. We seek to inspire and promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development. We do this by offering specialised courses relating to leadership and executive management, organising high-level policy forums and dialogues that provide opportunities for leaders to share ideas on strategic leadership for sustainable development and stimulate strategic thinking to formulate African solutions for Africa. Also, by supporting research on leadership and sustainable development in the continent.