Apply for Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership 2022/23, scholarships available

UONGOZI Institute invites applications from leaders working in public, private and civil society organisations for a one-year executive programme, Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership. The programme, undertaken in collaboration with Aalto University Executive Education of Finland (Aalto EE), includes 10 modules that are run over the course of one year. It aims to develop leadership competencies in three areas; making strategic choices, leading people and other resources and excelling in personal leadership qualities.

The programme starts with an assessment, which allows participants to enhance their self-awareness plus understanding of the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. The modules are designed in a manner that encourages participants to challenge their thinking as they broaden their competencies in visioning, planning and inspiring others through advanced strategic communication. They also motivate participants to become better designers and innovators of effective structures and systems for better results.

The programme instructors are world-class professors and experts in leadership from around the world.


May 2022.


Dar es Salaam and Arusha (Specific location will be determined for each module).

Programme requirements

Each module runs for a period of one month, consisting of intensive in-class workshops (2-3 days) as well as online individual and group assignments. To complete the programme, participants must attend all in-class workshops and also, complete written assignments plus four graded exams. On successful completion, candidates earn 18 European credits; all of which are transferrable to the Aalto EE Executive MBA programme or Aalto EE MBA programme.

Tuition fee                                                                              

The tuition fee for the programme is EUR 8,000. It covers lectures, workshops, tutorials, programme literature, stationery, access to e-learning platform and UONGOZI Institute’s library, as well as meals and refreshments during in-class workshops. UONGOZI Institute provides an option for candidates to pay in three instalments:

  • 50% in advance of registration (March)
  • 25% in advance of module 4 (August)
  • 25% in advance of module 8 (January)


UONGOZI Institute offers merit-based scholarships of up to EUR 4,000 to help participants cover tuition fees.

Obtain support from your employer/sponsor(s)

Each participant needs to secure time away from the office and financial support to accommodate tuition fee plus travel and medical expenses. If you are planning to apply for this programme, we advise initiating discussions with your employer or sponsor(s) early.

How to apply

Please visit this page to complete an online application. Requirements for admission are:

  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 3 pages)
  • Cover letter (not exceeding one page)
  • An essay (between 450 – 500 words) explaining the candidate’s leadership successes, challenges and motivation for applying for the programme
  • Reference letter indicating sponsorship commitment signed by the candidate and his/her sponsor
  • Certified copies of original academic certificates. NOTE: UONGOZI Institute reserves the rights to verify certificates with issuing institution.
  • Commitment letter from the employer to confirm the applicant’s full participation in the programme.

Selection criteria include:

  • Minimum five years of work experience in a managerial or senior specialist position
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Advanced command of English
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Proficiency in writing academic papers


Applications must be received by Monday 28 February, 2022 at 23:00 hours (EAT). Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. For more information about this programme, please visit Only successful candidates will be contacted.

8 thoughts on “Apply for Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership 2022/23, scholarships available

    1. Hello Josephat, thank you for your interest in us.

      For short-term programmes, our focus has been leaders in the public sector, with courses offered on demand basis. Though we do go beyond the public sector sometimes. But our long-term programmes (Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Online Certificate in Leadership) are suitable for emerging and senior leaders from all sectors. Both are hands-on programmes that we deliver in collaboration with Aalto University Executive Education of Finland. We think that the Online Certificate might be suitable for you as it accommodates young leaders as well. The call for applications will open in February, this year. Let us know if you have any other questions.


  1. Iam Young Tanzanian Metallurgist and mineral processing engineer, self employed in mining sector sub sector small scale gold mining.
    am i eligeble for the online certificate in leadership program?


    1. Hello Silas, thank you for your message and interest in our programme. Of course, you’re eligible to apply for our online Certificate Programme in Leadership. The call for application will open soon. So, we advise you to continue to keep your eye on our updates through this blog, UONGOZI website and social media.


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