Leadership Resource Centre in Dar es Salaam set to officially launch today

27 October, 2022: Our Leadership Resource Centre in Dar es Salaam, recently relocated to the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (3rd Floor), will be officially launched today by the Minister of State, President’s Office – Public Service Management and Good Governance, Hon. Jenista Mhagama (MP). 

The event will also debut “Maisha Yangu, Kusudi Langu: Kumbukizi ya Rais wa Tanzania”, the Swahili edition of the memoirs by the late Benjamin William Mkapa, third President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The first, English edition, “My Life, My Purpose: A Tanzanian President Remembers”, was launched in November 2019 by the then President of the United Republic of Tanzania, the late John Pombe Magufuli. The Swahili book responds to his directive to the Institute to translate the book to reach as many Tanzanian readers as possible. 

Participants will include former first lady Anna Mkapa, UONGOZI Institute’s board of directors, government officials, development partners, business leaders, as well as members of the RC.  

The Leadership Resource Centre, established in 2012, aims to promote a culture of knowledge-sharing and reading in Tanzania and across Africa. It offers leaders, researchers, students, and the public the latest publications and insights on leadership and sustainable development. It has over 50,000 fiction and non-fiction books as well as articles, in print, audio and electronic formats. The Centre is open six days a week, offering free access to all printed materials.

In-person attendance is by invitation only. The event will be streamed live through our YouTube channel. 

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