Welcome to our blog, and as we say it here in Tanzania, Karibuni.

This blog will serve as an informal platform for UONGOZI Institute to provide useful information, as well as encourage an exchange of ideas, for those across the continent, and beyond, who are interested in issues of leadership and sustainable development in Africa.

Posts will cover a variety of topics surrounding those two themes, including useful information from our research findings and television programmes, and provide insights on capacity building through tips and tricks from our training programmes. There will also be periodic posts on our events as well as relevant scholarships, fellowships and other programmes that could prove to be useful for the emerging generation of African leaders. Lastly, reviews of books on topics of interest from the our Resource Centre will be posted to help provide recommendations for those interested in diving deeper into the material presented here. We also welcome guest posts from practitioners in fields related to any of the above-mentioned topics. If you are interested in contributing as a guest blogger, please email info@uongozi.or.tz with “Guest Blog Post” as the subject line.

From those of us here at the UONGOZI Institute Blog, we hope to see you here weekly to join the dialogue on these important thematic issues. To make sure you are always aware of when a new post is freshly pressed, you can follow our blog by pressing the “Follow” button on the right hand side of page.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog does not necessarily represent the official position of UONGOZI Institute.

About UONGOZI Institute

Uongozi” means leadership in Kiswahili, and inspiring and strengthening leadership is the core purpose of our organisation. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, UONGOZI Institute is dedicated to supporting African leaders to attain sustainable development for their nations and for Africa

We seek to inspire leaders and promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development. We believe that:

  • Leadership is the key to achieving sustainable development
  • The development of a leader requires specialised grooming
  • An African model of leadership is vital for achieving the most favourable development outcomes for Africa.

The Institute is a government agency established by the Government of Tanzania and supported by the Government of Finland.

Our Vision
A prosperous and equitable Africa through effective leadership for sustainable development.

Our Mission
To inspire and equip African leaders to realise their personal and collective potential to deliver sustainable solutions for African citizens.

To learn more about the Uongozi Institute, visit our website.